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Owns Cobra cowboy boots, non-pointy
Owns Cobra cowboy boots, non-pointy
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Full Name: Diego Umejuarez

Birthdate: September 17, 1988

Birthplace: The beaches of Sinaloa, Mexico

Height: 180cm (way taller than Stock)

Weight: 200 lbs

Blood Type: B

Family/Relatives: Around 100, has a niece that looks like Mr igloo

Job/Occupation: Software developer (does education for the Mexican government)

Likes: Animals, The Sea, History, SNK, idolm@ster, online weeaboos, drinking alcohol, mexico.

Dislikes: Fanboys, real life weeaboos, lesbians (as of recently), Mexico, Americans

Hobbies: Drawing animals, jerking off (hentai based jerk offs), drinking alcohol

Favorite Food: Animals torn into food (any animal, even dogs)

Forte in Sports: Ping Pong

Fighting Style: Drunken Spicy Nuisance Palm

Story: Born, his father ran away (he wants to say) maybe it was his mom, someone ran away. Has a giant ass family. His dad became a politician, and has a ton of children (like 10 half brothers). Saving a software company from the brink of disaster after a fag with aids tried to bring down the company with bricks, disease, and incompetence. His hopes for the future are buying a car and dying young.

Personality: Jolly like a kind of Mexican Santa Claus, who delivers drunk stories of his adventures in the crime ridden third world country he resides in.

Powers: Devil summoner: has the power to manifest demons in his home, also lives with some witches


His ex-girlfriend (who is now pregnant is now a single mother) looks exactly (exactly) like Yuri King of Fighters (not the grandma Art of Fighting one), she liked Metal Slug

His boss is hot for him

He once scared his neighbors with his laughter jajaja, he was laughing really hard and neighbor didn't know where it was coming from, he thought it was a ghost or something, he doesn't remember what movie he was watching but it was a pretty good movie.

Owns Cobra cowboy boots, non-pointy