Fightan Vidya

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In the fiction, Fightan Vidya is depicted as a loose empire, nominally consisting of all human-inhabited worlds in explored space and united through imposed religious conviction, extreme xenophobia, militarism, fascism, despotic hierarchical rule, and threats of brutal disciplinary force. The founder of Fightan Vidya, an enigmatic and mysterious persona known only as the 'RiCK', is an immortal who has gained his power over the millenia after partaking in every event in human history until the rise of Fightan Vidya, and is now in theory the supreme ruler of this galaxy-spanning empire. In practice the highest tier of command is the supreme council; the moderators Tief, Stacie, Joestar and :U, based on Earth, who have ruled for ten millennia under Rick's name. Rick himself is trapped on the Golden Throne in a nearly unresponsive state of hyper-focused attention to maintain, among other things, Robotpuke, a psychic navigational beacon that is guided by his will. This was necessary because of extreme wounds sustained during an event known as the "Euro Powerhour," named for the leader of the Chaos Forces that ruptured Fightan Vidya.